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9. Sharing what you've learnt

Share all you've learned in the Discover phase and get the team ready for thinking about solutions

What is it good for?

  • To pull together all you've learned from the Discover phase
  • To communicate with your stakeholders
  • To involve your team

When to use it

At the end of the Discover Phase - after you've made sense of your user research and before an idea generation session with your team.

How to use it

At the end of your Discover phase, you'll want to share what you've learned with your wider stakeholders.

The template presentation below is there for you to create your own 'playback' of the Discover work. It includes topics you might want to talk about to help bring your stakeholders along and set the scene for the next phase.

We recommend setting aside an hour to an hour and a half for this session.


Get the tool

Make a copy of the Discovery Playback Template and make it your own: