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5. Making sense of your research

Sort and organise the data you've gathered to draw out insights

What is it good for?

  • Making sense of the insights you've collected during interviews
  • Involving the team

When to use it

After your user research is done in preparation for a playback session and to get ready for idea generation

How to use it

How to make sense of your research (or how to do synthesis)

1. Write down the key things you heard from your research on post-it notes:

  • It's best when you do this exercise with a colleague, to avoid unconscious bias
  • Consider using an online tool like a Miro board, or plot on a physical wall with post-its
  • Write one thing only per sticky note
Notion image
  1. Group similar post-its
  • You might group similar demographics, pain points, use of tech or types of support your users are using. Or something else - it will depend on what you've heard.
Notion image
  1. Draw your conclusions
  • What do the themes tell you?
  • What challenges are your users facing?
  • How are your users trying to solve their challenges? Are their solutions working, or do they need others? You may not need to create a solution if they are already doing it themselves.
  • What tools are they using? Do they mention which tool features they like and dislike?

Get the tool

Here's a handy Miro template you can make a copy of and use for your own synthesis. Or you can just use a wall in your home or office with some post-its.


Further reading

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