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2. Interaction Toolkit

A guide to creating positive, equal and productive relationships with your team.

What is it good for?

  • To help you have great interactions with colleagues and users
  • To build positive relationships
  • To achieve equality during meetings and at work in general

When to use it

At all stages of your project, but especially at the beginning of your digital project or journey when you're trying to involve and engage stakeholders and create a way of working for your project.

How to use it

This interaction toolkit was designed for internal use at CAST. It was developed over a period of time using service design principles of research and testing. We had help from SIDE Labs and Deepr in their development. Feel free to make the toolkit your own - simply click on the Interactions Toolkit link below and make a copy following the instructions. You can replace the CAST references and values with your own ones.


Get the tool

Make a copy of the toolkit and make it your own:

Further reading on how to have great interactions

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