Boost your digital skills

1. Digital Principles

Use these to find out what good looks like when creating a digital service.

What are they good for?

  • To know what good looks like with digital service design
  • To give a direction for how your team or organisation should be working to develop effective digital services
  • To get digital on everyone's radar within your organisation
  • To support bid writing

When to use them

At all stages of your project, but especially at the beginning of your digital project or journey

How to use them

Here are ten principles that will help you build better digital services. They were crowdsourced by talking to charities, funders and agencies in the sector.


They can really help you to figure out what good looks like for digital. They can be helpful to get buy-in for digital across your team and organisation.

  • Look at the principles as a first step in getting the right mindset before you start your digital project.
  • Download and print them out and put them up somewhere in your office or workspace where they are visible as a daily reminder of your new ways of working.
  • Use them as a basis to run a workshop with your team to develop your own. Look at which ones most resonate, which ones don't fit at all and whether there are ones that need to be added.
  • Use the principles to review your progress along your project journey.

Get the tool

Download the principles poster and print them out:

Further reading

  1. More context on the Digital Principles at BetterDigital.Services
  1. See the TUC's version of the principles