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5. Stakeholder mapping

Figure out who you need to keep informed and involved, and how.

What is it good for?

  • To map who you need to keep involved
  • To figure out how to engage them
  • To support comms and workshop planning

When to use it

At the start of the project when you're clear on what main challenge you are working on

How to use it


Once you're clear on the challenge or problem you are working on it's time to think about your stakeholders. The stakeholder mapping template helps you to categorise your stakeholders by how interested they are in the outcome of the project and their ability to impact the project - in other words, how much power they hold to influence your project.

The map will help you to identify how to keep the different stakeholders involved and updated - it's an analytical tool to help you assess where to put your energy and time. Depending on the quadrant your stakeholders fall into you could consider:

  • Holding regular 'playback' or 'show and tell' sessions to update people on the process and give an opportunity to ask questions
  • Running workshops to give people the chance to directly inform the project
  • Having 1-to-1 meetings with relevant individuals

Get the tool

Make a copy of the Stakeholder Mapping Grid template and get started: