Boost your digital skills

1. Map your team's digital capabilities

Explore what skills and capabilities you have in your organisation

What is it good for?

  • To understand what skills you have on your team or within your organisations
  • To realise what gaps you might have
  • To plan for training or upskilling opportunities to meet the gaps
  • To plan for potential recruitment where necessary

When to use it

At the beginning of your project, although you can do it at any stage

How to use it

As part of a recent project, we created a list of capabilities we think are important for a team to have. These capabilities cover a range of 'traditional' digital skills, and other skills that are specific to service design.

You'll see this isn't an exhaustive list, but it does cover many of the capabilities needed to do service design and delivery.

We recommend using this list as a way of benchmarking the skills you have in your team:

  • Communication with my team, clients and external partners
  • Sharing documents with my team, clients and external partners
  • Gathering, storing and analysing data on our clients and external partners
  • Running internal and external meetings and events
  • Managing a project
  • Understanding needs, behaviours and experiences of our users
  • Undertaking wider research
  • Generating and visualising ideas
  • Testing ideas and assumptions
  • Content and Design
  • Building a solution

We've also broken the above capabilities down into specific skills or activities that you can benchmark yourself or your team against. You'll find a link to the Digital Capabilities and Skills Framework in the 'Get the tools' section below.

When you're done mapping your skills, come back to the Digital Toolkit for tools to help you and your team improve in many of those capabilities and skills.

Get the tool

Make a copy of the Digital Capabilities and Skills Framework and use it with your team:


Further reading on problem statements

  1. Map your organisation's digital maturity with the NCVO Maturity Matrix
  1. Check out GOV.UK's Essential Skills Framework, which covers a different set of skills to the ones above.